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Friday 17 August’s Somewhere Amazing


Finding a long forgotten song and it gives you a buzz!

You know when you hear a song on the radio but don’t catch the beginning of it? You enjoy it and hope the radio presenter will tell you the name of the band and the song at the end…but they don’t. Presumably they gave these details at the beginning and decide not to repeat. So all you have to go on is your recollection of some of the lyrics and you just have to hope that you heard the actual words and not what you thought the words were! So often with me I hear lyrics, then look them up and discover the words aren’t quite what I thought they were, depending on the particular tone, range and varying vocal ability of the singer…and how much the instruments are drowning out their voice. No, the art of lyric deciphering is definitely not an exact science.

You have to hope that the lyrics you thought you heard will match up enough to the actual lyrics so when you google them you’ll find them. Or if you happen to know someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of music they could probably point you in the right direction if you hum the tune as well. Tough for those who can’t hold a tune…like me! This did actually happen to me and was how I finally found Amy MacDonald’s Mr Rock & Roll, but that’s a different story. 

Anyway, you finally find the right song and happily go off to the record store (in my case a very small independent music store in Glasgow which no longer exists, a victim of the recession) and purchase the cd at the end of your personal treasure hunt. You are chuffed with yourself for successfully completing the whole process from partially but not necessarily accurately heard lyrics to finding the song to playing it in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t even matter to you if the rest of the cd is rubbish because you have the one song you wanted. I have iTunes but sometimes its nice to hold an actual cd in your hands. 

Then you move house and your cd becomes lost in the confusion of boxes and removal vans and the things that always ‘mysteriously’ disappear in transit from old house to new. Then you no longer think of the song anyway.

Then weeks, months or years later, for no immediately obvious reason, something triggers something else and the song pops into your head, bringing with it a deluge of memories. Or maybe history repeats itself and you hear the same song on the radio years later with the same singer and the same instruments drowning out the same ‘open to mistranslation’ lyrics. But you’ve been here before, so you know who the band is and what the song is called, or at least you can, with a little mental effort (ever tried to remember something and just lay back on your bed, closed your eyes and tried to go back in time to when you saw and/or heard that song, using all of your recalled senses to home in on the name of the band/song where it resides in your subconscious mind?) you arrive at that eureka moment and remember! 

This time you head to iTunes (no record store open here at 2am…) and download the song. 

Then, naturally, you play it on a loop until you’re sick of it and consign it to the labyrinthine catalogue of your iTunes library until one fine day in the distant future it surfaces unexpectedly again in your shuffled mix. 

I had a moment like that today, finding that song I first tried to decipher on the radio all those years ago when I waited till the end of the song and the DJ didn’t repeat the name of the band or song. I smiled to myself as I remembered the intellectual enjoyment of the pursuit of the band and the song years ago. Back through the years to that somewhere amazing, smiling an inner smile, experiencing a little sense of wonder that the young lad I was then was so taken by a tune and some lyrics that he went on a hunt to find the song. A small part of a life’s story, a small but happy ‘happening’, an experience of hearing a song and wanting to have my own copy to repeat the experience again and again by playing it as and when I chose. Such moments constitute the somewhere amazing moments throughout my life that I am trying to chart with this blog. I spent the last ten years or so of my life suffering the agonies of depression. I decided to start this blog because I found myself, for reasons unknown, remembering the happy times throughout my life, times I laughed and smiled and found pleasure in life, expected and unexpected. The somewhere amazing moments through life. I am on a journey to locate and record the happiness that the depression tried so hard to suffocate. They exist and I will find them and paint my life’s story all over again, this time in brighter shades rather than solely greys and blacks. If I can inspire you to do something similar, on any level at all, then that’s another star in the firmament above that I am setting out to create. It can be glorious but even if it ‘only’ starts with a ‘slightly good’ or a tentative or trembling ‘okay’ rather than a ‘somewhere amazing’ then that’s a good enough start for me. It is, after all, a journey. 

In case you’re wondering, the band for me was Geneva, the song called Into the Blue. The lyrics I always remember are “On a day like today, Nothing gets better, come what may, I could just disappear, into the blue, into the blue…”

You’ll have you own song choice, your own genre, your own memories, your own story of your own treasure hunt for the song you found with the slightest information.

That was my song.

That was my…

Somewhere Amazing


Author: Through Another Lens

Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

2 thoughts on “Friday 17 August’s Somewhere Amazing

  1. I am a lover of music…. We seem to track our lives through the music of the day; I know I do/can. I’m so pleased that you are looking at your life in this way; it’s greatly therapeutic and opens up memories that can be quite liberating… I’m looking forward to following along with you on your journey…. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to the journey myself. I like your point that memories can be quite liberating. I think, especially after times of trauma, we need to remind ourselves of this. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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