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Monday 20 August’s Somewhere Amazing

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Computer Malfunction

Perhaps more of a someone amazing than a somewhere.

My computer developed problems. I am as good with computer problems as with car problems, I know the basics, change a tyre, check the oil, put water in the windscreen skooshy thing! With the computer I can reboot it, uninstall/re-install a program, press ‘Scan’ on the security software. Beyond that I’m stumped!

But I always know, in many areas not just computers, that there’s one way to virtually guarantee a successful outcome.

Tell my dad.

He has one of those minds that, once he gets hold of a problem, he don’t let go and it seems to bother him till he solves it. He may not immediately be equipped with the answer but he’ll experiment, apply logic, both the known kind and the hit and miss kind and, if all else fails, he might even google it though he kind of considers that cheating! For him googling it is akin to looking up the answers at the back of the maths school book.

So I told my dad about my computer problem and…true to form, within a few hours and a few experiments later, it was fixed. If all else failed I’d have gone to the local computer store and paid in indeterminate sum for a repair, I may even, had it been an expensive problem to fix, have thought of just buying a new computer if I could find one within budget.

But dad, once again, saved the day. 

It Works!

I could be sitting next to my dad and phone a computer helpline and be sorely disappointed that my dad wasn’t on the other end of the line! In fact he’d probably be insulted that I hadn’t asked him first. 

Its good to know people you can tell your problems to and know they won’t let go till they solve it.

Thanks for reading.

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