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Social Media Deprivation


My laptop gave up the ghost some time ago as far as internet connection is concerned. There seems to be something wrong with its internal network adaptor, whatever that means. I started a computing course in my youth but never finished it, too interested in computer games and not so much on the technical side of things. Kind of wish I’d paid more attention and I’d know how to fix my own computer now!

Anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about the laptop/internet non-connection because I have a desktop which is fine, or was fine until a few days ago. Then the network adaptor inside it decided to die on me! I’ve tried a few things to get it going again but to no avail. I’m typing this on my dad’s laptop…although I’m slightly concerned that me using it might be the kiss of death and it will pack in!

For a few days then, without being able to go online on my laptop or desktop, I’ve found myself experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Not until the last few days have I discovered just how automatic it is for my thoughts to turn to Twitter or Facebook and now, WordPress. I found myself getting out of bed the other day, sitting at the computer with the intention of checking all the various social networking sites I use, before remembering that I couldn’t use them as I couldn’t get online. For a terrible few moments I actually sat twiddling my thumbs wondering what on earth I’d do now?

In the end I actually managed to do alot of practical things, be outdoors when I would normally be staring at the computer screen, give the dog attention and a longer walk than usual from which I benefited as well, actually welcomed the interruption of a human voice whereas before, I’m ashamed to say, sometimes I’d have been irritated by an interruption as it distracted me from being online.  I confess that when I sat back and thought of just how much I was online if I had a working connection and just how unsocialable I could become without really knowing it, I was quite taken aback. 

Knowing all this, I am determined, once I get back online on my own computers, to make a concerted effort to not let social media rule my life or at least take up so much time. I can updates my status, I can send the odd tweet, I can post the odd blog but I don’t need to waste the seemingly endless amount of time ‘browsing’ online and then discover that hours have gone past and I’ve actually done nothing.

I actually feel better for not being online so much. I will endeavour to keep this going when I get back online properly. Whether I’ll be successful I don’t know but its going to be an aim.

Thanks for reading.

Somewhere Amazing 🙂


Author: Through Another Lens

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Deprivation

  1. Can’t agree more…!
    I have a great interest in dancing, and my partner and I go to (hopefully) 2 social dances each week. This, apart from lessons and practice, helps me to stay balanced (I also do counseling, bookkeeping and maintaining a couple of business sites). Over the past couple of months my partner has had the flu, which has meant forgoing quite a lot of dancing. I found I had to ‘do’ other things to stop myself from being ‘on-line’ too much…. Everything in moderation is a great key to life… We are back to our regular dancing, which is wonderful, and I’m disciplining myself to a couple of hours catching up on WordPress… It seems to be working well…! 🙂

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