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For those puzzled…

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…by my two random story postings.

Let me explain.

The two postings prior to this one are something of an experiment.

For no great reason as I was sitting at my computer, I decided I’d try to write a little story with no planning whatsoever. I took the first thing that came into my head, an image of a boy standing before a window, and ran with it. There was/is no planning, no foreseen structure, no list of carefully fleshed out characters to draw on. Its just a blank page in my head. 

When I finished the random thought that was the random opening to a non-existent story, I had no idea where it would go, if anywhere.

Having finished the random continuation of the non-existent story, I have no idea where it will go, if anywhere. 

It is 100% unplanned story telling. An experiment. If nothing else, I am hoping to learn something of the craft of story telling through it. 

Just thought I’d say.

Thanks for reading.

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Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

One thought on “For those puzzled…

  1. Knew it was a story… hope you continue.. 😉

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