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Brevity and the persistent inability to write a short sentence…

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I have a problem with brevity. 

Even when I write something fairly short, in my mind I know I could continue for ages.

It is an as yet unlearned discipline for me to learn when to stop.

Of course, after writing a lengthy discourse I could, as back in my student days (what seems like a lifetime ago for this 42 year old Methuselah), go back and edit, cut out everything superfluous, and there is always something superfluous, and astonish myself by saying the same thing in half the words.

The problem is time, or the taking up of too much of it.

So normally I simply write, or type, and trust that the person reading will be wise enough to read what they want and skim the rest. Until I learn to ‘compress as I go’, I must leave the reader with the task of skimming what would in any case be consigned to the cutting editors floor. Either that or wait until one of those hyper intelligent computer programming geniuses creates software that acts like spell check but spots and cuts everything unnecessary rather than grammatical errors…or does both at the same time. 

Thanks for reading (this was fairly short for me!).

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