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I love the early hours because…


In the early hours, or the ‘wee small hours’ as we call them here, there is no one else awake.

As there is no one else awake, there is no one else around to make demands of me, I am not required to be anywhere, do anything, deal with anything. There is no time pressure, no timetable to follow, duties to perform, households to run, relationships to manage. 

When the world awakens later, there will, once more, be demands made of me. I will be required to do things, make decisions I may not be equipped to make, I will experience anxiety, I will have periods of thinking ‘I can’t do this’, I will experience a hundred and one different emotions, all banging off each other at the same time. ‘Things’ will be required of me. Somehow I will have to muddle through. 

In the early hours, when the world sleeps, this is not the case, there is nothing required of me. I can be myself, for a time. These hours are mine. Although, even in these early hours, my mind may still wander to the day ahead, may still experience concern at what the day will hold, there are no immediate demands on me, so the time is still ‘me’ time. 

That is why I love the early hours.

Thanks for reading.

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Author: Through Another Lens

Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

3 thoughts on “I love the early hours because…

  1. I love the quiet of the early hours… absolute stillness; except for perhaps the movement of the wind, or the creaking of the timbers as the temperature changes… Very sweet..! 🙂

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