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Warning…Kindle moan…

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Digital Security Blanket


I love my Kindle, even when it freezes when I try to use the highlight facility and sometimes has to be shut down before it will work again, I still love my Kindle. Its one of the older Keyboard editions, just in case you were curious. 

I used to carry a real paper book with me most places, almost like a security blanket. But I’d find myself with time to spare but wishing I’d brought a different book. Not so with Kindle, thousands of books at my fingertips. Okay, its very hard to flick between pages and pages not actually having numbers but percentages is annoying but I still love my Kindle.

But…here comes the moan…why is there sometimes such a price difference between the digital and the paperback version of a book. I’m no technical expert but it would seem there are fewer production costs involved with a digital copy of a book. So why is the price of a digital book at times more expensive than that of the paperback?

Examples (chosen at random from Amazon UK):

The Inquisitor by Mark Allen Smith, paperback £5.99 Kindle digital £6.99

Redemption by Will Jordan, paperback £4.33 Kindle digital £8.64

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, paperback £5.89 Kindle digital £6.99


I’m not a penny pincher (anticipating any jokes about Scottish people and money), I don’t mind spending money if I actually have it. I will still buy the actual book in an actual book store even though its more expensive because I want to have that book ‘feel’ in my hands and can jump easily back and forth between pages and make notes in the book (yes I desecrate books by writing and underlining in them…) and ultimately I still prefer having an actual book on the shelf. I have even been known to jump about between a paperback and the Kindle version of the same book! Usually when I’ve just bought it on Kindle before discovering that I already have it on the shelf! I know, I’m an eejit (Scottish for a ‘silly person’). 

I just don’t get why a digital version can actually be more expensive when it surely has less production costs than a physical book and the point is surely to encourage sales? The examples I’ve given are actually the ‘least worst’, there are bigger variations. 

I know I’m probably coming across as a right grumpy so and so, it just bemuses me. I’m not saying the digital version has to be dirt cheap, the author still has to earn something, to make a living, I just feel there is no good reason why the digital version should be more expensive.

Moan over…

You can remove your ear plugs now…

Thanks for reading.

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