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Love at first sight…


…walking into a book store and seeing a shelf full of newly published books that I’ve never seen before then browsing through them one by one to see what grasps my interest, little words or phrases that click with the excited inner me.

I love the first actual glimpse on the book store shelf of a book I’ve been waiting for awhile.

I love even more the first glimpse of a book on the book store shelf I had never previously heard about and it is on a subject and genre that interests me, or something totally new to me. On further inspection it may be something I have no interest in but at first sight I don’t yet know that and the mere possibilities in the unknown provide those initial moments of intrigue and fascination. 

There is something wonderful about holding a brand new book in your hand for the first time, taking your time to choose the copy in the best possible condition (yes, I’m one of those people who will check several copies for the best one) then take it to the counter to pay for it, panic for a few seconds in case the cashier does anything near fatal like leave their fingerprints on it or accidentally bend the cover, then watch as they place it in a carrier bag and pray they don’t do this in a way that might damage your carefully chosen ‘as near to perfect copy as you can find’ book. Then transport the book home where it takes pride of place on your own shelf (until the next new book comes along).

Sometimes, it isn’t even necessary to read the book (yes, you’re now confirming to yourself that I am strange…but you knew that already really didn’t you?), sometimes its enough just to know you have it.

I just love that moment when you first see the book on the book store shelf and your heart skips a beat.

Love at first sight.

That, for me, is a somewhere amazing moment.

Thanks for reading.

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Author: Through Another Lens

Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

3 thoughts on “Love at first sight…

  1. I’m not a book reader…. I’ve become a blog reader over the past almost year however, not books.
    I really enjoy books – I really enjoy seeing them sitting side by side with their colourful covers. I love the smell of new books. I love to know that someone has reached inside themselves and pulled out words that offer solace or adventure or heart warming memories for another. I love books; not to read. My partner, on the other hand, devours books. He reads everyday the works of his favourite authors. There are about 6 he loves to read. They are all of the same genre, which would bore me silly however; he adores them. I adore buying them for him. I carefully caress the book to ensure that its quality is the best available. I ensure that the salesperson doesn’t malign my purchase. I offer it to him (my partner) like a wholesome piece of cake fit for a king. I love books. I love to watch him read knowing that he is devouring the words with relish. I love books… We have many books decorating many shelves, nooks and crannies. I love books. I watch as the bookstores in my mall close down. I watch as small independent stalls spring up, here and there, offering books for $5 that once brought a princely sum of $29.95. I hope that printed books will always be. I can’t smell a kindle, or caress a cover appearing on my screen. I love books. Maybe I will change. Maybe I will be inspired to read books, printed or e. I love books, and now I love blogging where I can read the works of others like you. Isn’t that wonderful and mysterious…! I love books.

    • Thanks for lovely comment! I am in some ways similar, I love the experience of seeing books and holding them etc without necessarily reading them and the thought of throwing any away, even some I know I’ll never read, is anathema. Always thought that was strange but then decided if I get pleasure from it then that’s fine! I used to be in a relationship where I too had the pleasure of buying books for my partner and I loved watching her look at them and choose which to read first etc. I love my Kindle but it will never take the place of an actual book, it can’t, it doesn’t have the capability. I too have watched while book stores close down in Scotland, even some of the bigger stores have gone. There are maybe only now two dedicated book stores in the city although they are having to introduce sections for ebook readers to maintain customer numbers. I don’t seem to be able to visit the city without going into a book store. I will frequently browse every shelf to find a book by an unknown author and there is an excitement in finding a new author with a story that appeals. I almost feel its a wasted journey if I leave a book store without a purchase! Maybe that’s a touch of OCD though! 🙂

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