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Blog/s subject dilemma


I posted this blog previously but something happened recently that made me think about it again so I’m re-posting it and will be curious about any thoughts anyone has.

I have two blogs.

This one you’re reading and another one which I keep for specifically and sometimes more indepth Christian thoughts.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult timewise to keep both alive and well.

So although my original idea was to keep Somewhere Amazing for more general topics and the occasional Christian meander, and keep my other blog for strictly Christian ‘stuff’…I’m now thinking it may be better to simply amalgamate the two into a happy union, happily ever after etc. I could have a specific bit on the Somewhere Amazing menu for the Christian things and any reader can feel free to take or leave as they prefer.

Thoughts? (In the end I will do what I will do but am curious to hear what anyone might think…)

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3 thoughts on “Blog/s subject dilemma

  1. You are correct to keep them seperate.
    a) There is always the battle between the flesh and the spirit. One blog for the thoughts of the carnal mind, one for the spiritual thoughts.

    b) Blog for other thoughts and topics is a good idea. Why? Sometimes a Christian blog mixed with other topics can scare away readers that are not of the same faith, but have great opinions on other subjects.

    Finally figured out how to get your posts to show on my iPhone, just now.

  2. I am firstly wondering if you are ‘making yourself known’ on other blogs.. I haven’t seen you on any of the blogs that I follow (which is a great eclectic bunch of guys and gals). 🙂

    • Thanks for comment. I am trying to make myself known a bit. I ‘like’ other postings and comment on ones that interest me. I have, I think, ten people following my own blog but I still consider myself new to ‘all this’. Thanks again.

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