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Oh for Pete’s sake!





…what kind of thing might happen to make you say “Oh for Pete’s sake!”?

For me, one recent and more trivial thing was my sister arriving for a visit (that’s not the ‘Pete’s sake’ thing per se…) and after she’d left I noticed the packet of my favourite biscuits in the cupboard had disappeared. When she comes to visit she has a habit of ‘borrowing’ biscuits if she likes them.

I’m not territorial but I’d just made myself a nice decaf coffee and was looking forward to a biscuit with them (how old do I sound??). Trip to the supermarket later then. Okay its trivial…actually…that could send some people into breakdown…the straw (biscuit) that breaks the camels back. 

You’ll have you’re own “Oh for Pete’s sake!” moment. 

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Author: Through Another Lens

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4 thoughts on “Oh for Pete’s sake!

  1. I have at least half a dozen, “For Pete’s sake” moments a day, (it’s not easy being me) but biscuit stealing, that takes the cake.

  2. I can see the headline now, Biscuit Bandit apprehended after leaving trail of crumbs. Oh, for Pete’s Sake, she can’t even clean up after herself!

    Better find a new hiding place for the biscuits. 🙂

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