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…I’ll be back in a bit 😉

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Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

6 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Please see my about page comments. Sorry, I cannot lie, and my advice doesn’t come with a “frilly” icing on top.


    • I really feel I ought to offer you some kind of blog consultation fee! Thank you all your comments, good and bad. I have no problem (mostly…) with forthright views and opinions. I shall read them, consider them and accept or throw them out the window as required, I get the ‘no frilly icing’ bit 😉
      Thanks again.

      • Yes, do as you please just please note, that I have helped many bloggers gain readers with my just plain downright unwanted advice. They dislike me at first, then later like me, and realize that I am right (usually).

        Done a boatload of market research on such things.


        • What’s there to dislike? If you were rude or antagonistic or unnecessarily critical (criticism which goes beyond honest appraisal with the intent of spreading negativity or through desire to put a person down) then that’d be different. But you’re not. You’re a likeable person with self-confessed boatloads of experience in a field I’m a rank amateur in. I would only not want to learn if, first, I was annoyed for the unwanted advice and/or, second, I was so disinterested in my own blog that I wasn’t interested in improving it and therefore wasn’t interested in advice. ps…I am beginning to fill a boat with my own ‘gleanings’ but its more of a very very very small tiny model yacht, the kind a child might play with 🙂

  2. Advice:
    a) You stated you have them seperate, but notice a faith and theology category (this will limit your readers here). Would take any topic regarding religion off this blog, just keep the other.

    b) Other than that just need some more in depth posts here to draw readers.

    Do you state where you are from on this blog? That will draw readers that live in the same country or that are interested in learning about Scotland.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments lately.

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