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Angry Birds


Been thinking about this since I read a posting on  blog.

With the imminent release of the iPhone 5, a familiar battle has commenced! In the initial furore immediately on and after the release, there seems to be little middle ground, you either have to love or hate Apple’s iPhone. I’m all for a bit of friendly banter/rivarly, but sometimes it really does get ridiculous, its like phones (swords) at dawn! 

One of the tech websites I look at now and then (makes me feel intelligent even if I don’t understand the big words…) is full of people having a real go at each other every time an Apple product is released. You have to either love or hate with no in-between. Being able to appreciate the pro’s and con’s of rival products is apparently foreign to the nature of many and the editor at times has to intervene to prevent an all out slanging match and it does get nasty. I have an iPhone 4 which I love but its not the holy grail, I’d quite happily choose a different phone when my contract expires, which it does in the next few months. I remember when I first got the iPhone 4, almost two years ago, I was initially so excited that I downloaded an absolute ton of apps over about 48 hours. I currently have maybe 60 or 70 apps on my phone and I regularly use about 5 of them! I digress. 

What gets me is that the die hard Apple users and the die hard Android users (sorry for excluding other brands), both take even the mildest criticism of their phone as an attack on civilisation itself, or that part of it owned by their favoured company. These companies must be laughing up their sleeves to have so many dedicated disciples who will defend them at every turn. Especially as these same ‘phone disciples’ don’t seem so vocal when they get lousy customer service when their phone malfunctions (to be fair some are vocal about this). 

It all reminds me of the ‘console wars’ between Xbox (Microsoft), PlayStation 3 (Sony), and to a lesser extent the Wii (Nintendo). Yes I’m a closet gamer! I could mention the similar battleground way back in the ‘retro’ years between the Spectrum 48K (which I had) and the Commodore 64K (which I wanted), and between the Atari ST (which I had) and the Commodore Amiga (which I wanted). Even with these now prehistoric gaming machines of yesteryear, it once more seemed you had to be in one camp or the other.

As with the phones, so with the consoles, you can’t own Xbox and PlayStation (although it seems acceptable to have one or the other, and own a Nintendo at the same time (well it is kinda liberating to wave a nunchuck in the air like you don’t care…). If there happens to be a game that’s exclusive to one particular console and you don’t own that console, then you have to dis it or explain why the exclusives on your console of choice are way better than the rivals. The true  ‘winners’ are those who can appreciate the good in both.

Again, friendly rivalry and banter is all good and fine, its part of normal friendly social interaction and is a very positive thing. But when it descends into what is sometimes pretty biting accusations and slanging, then is the time people need to take a reality check and remember that humanity is, or should be, above getting hot under the collar over a piece of technology. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice gadget as much as the next man, woman or child. But at the end of the day what’s more important, defending to the death your particular electronic brand of choice, or actually being able to have a conversation with another human being (even a cyber human being) that is productive and life enhancing without it turning nasty?

Friendly rivalry yes, fellow human being bashing because they happen to have chosen a different piece of metal to yours? Definitely not.

Now put those swords away please.

Anyone for a game of Angry Birds? Its a multi platform game 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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