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Unplanned Story

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Not so long ago I started to tell a fictional story.

The whole point of writing was an exercise in not having anything planned beforehand but just sitting down and typing and ‘seeing what happened’.

The only rule I have given myself is that I can’t go back and change anything I’ve already published. So whatever I’ve written previously, that’s what I have to work with and the story progresses from there, no matter what impossible positions I left a character in!

I had started writing it on this very blog but it was getting lost among the other posts so I decided to give it a blog of its own.

For anyone who is interested, its at

All that’s there just now is a pretty short first chapter but if you’re in anyway curious feel free to have a look and comment if you want. I don’t know how often a new chapter will be posted but I’ll do my best to update it reasonably regularly. 

Its highly experimental, so don’t expect something akin to Cormac McCarthy or John Grisham or anyone else!

Thanks for reading.


Author: Through Another Lens

Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

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