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I want to be…a tree!

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Deep roots.

This tree , the big huge central one, has survived many storms, ranging from minor to ferocious.

Smaller trees and bushes and even walls in the vicinity have succumbed to the elemental forces that rage in the area in bad weather.

You might be able to see in the middle right of the tree that a bundle of its smaller branches have been bent away from the main body. That happened during a storm but it was largely insignificant damage. During a bad storm you can see the branches of this tree and its greenery swaying back and forth and sometimes it looks quite alarming as it bends and you wonder if the tree will come down. But it never does, no matter how much the wind and rain batters it and no matter how much the snow weighs it down, it always survives. 

I don’t know how old it is and I know nothing of the science of trees…but I am told that it has been there long enough so that its roots run deep and wide beneath the earth. In fact during a recent survey the council did of the structure under the surface, they found the roots wound round underground pipes and twisted into knots with other roots and ran deeper than their machinery could measure and spread wider than the length of the driveway.

No wonder this tree has survived the worst of storms. Its roots have such a strong grip under the earth that probably nothing short of an earthquake could dislodge it and bring it down. If it ever did fall, it would rip up pipes and the roots of other trees and anything that lay under the earth. If it was in danger of falling it would grapple and fight and grasp hold of everything it could to stay alive, to stay in the ground, to defeat the elements and remain standing.

In short, it would fight for its life by grasping hold of everything it could. It would fight to the death for its life.

Its still standing, despite the storms that have raged through the changing seasons, such is its strength indepth.

To be honest, I’m in awe if its strength.

There’s an analogy to be drawn there to human strength when facing the elements of life.

But I’ll let you draw that analogy yourself 🙂

ps. I’ve always wanted to cover this tree in Christmas lights! Maybe come Christmas (not far away…) I’ll photoshop the photo, that way I won’t have to climb the tree. Or get someone else to climb it…anyone called Jack about? 

Thanks for reading.

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