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Sorry for what I said, I unsult you…

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I was writing an article and part of it was to do with freedom of speech and whether this includes the freedom to insult someone and the subsequent debate regarding whether freedom of speech or expression should have parameters or be totally free.

By committing a typo I mistakenly asked the question, “Is it okay to unsult someone?”

That made me think…if we insult someone, can we then unsult them?

Can we remove the insult by unsulting them? Can this be a new form of remorse? Can unsulting be the same as undoing?

Can a politician say to his opposite number, “I’m sorry I insulted you, I now unsult you?”

Can we introduce the word ‘unsult’ into the dictionary?


…clearly my brain is tiring…

Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “Sorry for what I said, I unsult you…

  1. Whilst watching parliament, when they sit, the speaker will often ask the member who ‘has the floor’ to ‘withdraw’ a comment that he/she has spoken because it is rude/insulting to another member/a conjecture/etc. The member will then say the word ‘withdrawn’, which is meant to mean a similar thing to that which you are referring.
    My understanding would be: The word itself is meaningless, if the sentiments behind it do not carry an emotional aspect, which have within them, a true regret – such is the case with the politician… They use it purely in a shallow way..!
    However, if it was to become the norm (with the added regret) this could be a very good thing… But, who will get this started…?

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