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Nothing’s gonna beat you in this life

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Hope, laughter, they’re seeking you out 🙂

You think everything is possible

And nothing’s gonna get you baby

Everything is touchable

Nothing’s gonna beat you in this life

It’s alright

Holding hands

Drinking cans

In the orange light

Summer breeze

Feeling free

Kissing the first time

From Stereophonics song Innocent.

Okay, these words are taken slightly out of the context of the whole song but I love these words.

Possibility, belief, endurance, stickability, fun, love, joy, enjoyment, peace, hope.

These are all present in these lyrics.

Of course, anyone with any experience of life knows it isn’t always that simple and life knocks you down as well as giving you wonderful experiences.

But I am trying, and this has been on my mind alot lately, to remember the good every time thoughts seem consumed by the bad, to try to do something to lift the spirits every time the clouds descend. Doesn’t always work but the more I try the more I want to try, the more I succeed the better I feel each time.

The innocence of thinking everything is wonderful is shaken by the reality of life, but the knowledge that tarnished experiences which move from wonder to trauma can still be rescued, can be risen from, can be redeemed, is wonderful.

It is worth fighting to retain that wonder, that fight for hope, shedding the tears knowing that laughter awaits. Believing that laughter will return, that the sun will shine, that hope will show itself once more. Believing that as much as you scream now, you will laugh again, love again, live again, hope again, enjoy life again.

Head bowed? Mind screaming? Tears flowing? Been there. Still go there.

Its alright, hang on, hope is tearing down every barrier, moving the heavens and the earth, demolishing the barbed wire fences, to find you again. 

Laughter will not stop until it has you crying tears of joy again. 

Hold on.

You are, frankly, amazing 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Somewhere Amazing


Author: Through Another Lens

Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

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