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Time for a change…

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Somewhere Amazing is changing, at least the way it looks.

I am removing the darker background in favour of the ‘normal’ white background. This may change again but for now I’d like to see how it looks.

At first I considered this near blasphemy because I, generally, don’t really like ‘ordinary’, or rather having the same as everyone else. But I’ve just decided to see how it goes.

Of course, because I’ve been using white font colour (color for my US friends…see, I even change spelling for you!) this means going back over every single posting and changing font colour (color) again, or else no one will ever see any posts to read them (unless you’ve studied at Hogwarts and have some magic ink that turns font from white to black if you pour it over the screen…okay…back to reality…).

Its going to take some time to change the font colour (color) in every post so I’ll do a few each day and hopefully get there in the end.

Thanks and any feedback welcome.

I have a thick skin, I can take it 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Somewhere Amazing

ps, oh, its halloween…so…BOO!



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Christian man from Glasgow, Scotland. On the autistic spectrum. Find me in my posts...

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