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Awesome! Amazing! Ultimate Reality! Yay!

I’ve been reading a book called “Our Great God and Saviour” by Eric J. Alexander.

He will be known by some in the preaching and conference speaking circuit in the USA.

He was minister of St George’s Tron Church of Scotland, here in Glasgow, which I attended for seven years.

I didn’t know he had written any books until I happened across this one in Wesley Owen (Christian book and media store) one day.

In a chapter entitled “The Greatness of God”, Alexander writes,

“We have needs. God has none; He is complete in Himself. His relationships with the rest of creation and with us as His people are a result of His sovereign will and pleasure, not because He has any need in Himself or because He is incomplete without creating us….the God of the Bible is complete in Himself. He chooses to use us as His instruments but He does not need to. He needs no teachers…But when we ask, ‘Who taught God His wisdom? From whom did He get understanding? Where did He earn His degrees?’ The answer is, ‘From no one.’ God is the only untaught original mind…What God decrees, He performs. What God plans, He fulfils…His wisdom is perfect, unsullied and unspoiled by human imperfections. So His ways are perfect, His words are true, His decrees are good, His plans are flawless. And He never makes mistakes.”

God is awesome.

God is a mystery. Since childhood, I have never understood how God can always have existed and never ever have begun because He has always been there. But I am human and my mind is finite and I am not equipped to understand this. Yet I believe the God revealed in Jesus Christ is the only ‘answer’ that makes sense to the question of life itself, of why there is something and not nothing.

Anyone who needs to be taught, by definition, has incomplete and insufficient knowledge to be absolutely omniscient, all knowing, and has insufficient knowledge and wisdom to make complete and totally perfect choices.

God is eternal and eternally self-sufficient. There is nothing which can be known which God does not know. There is nothing outside of Gods knowledge, else He would not be God and there would be a power greater than God.

God is awesome.

God calls to and loves us with an undying love in Jesus Christ.

God loves us.


Thanks for reading.

Somewhere Amazing 🙂