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Where I’m Now At! Yo! Over here!

Hi folks!

I have been away from Somewhere Amazing, as you may or may not have noticed, for quite some time.

This is because I’ve been working on other things, some things, new pathways shall we say, that opened up entirely unexpectedly; others that I had been thinking about for years and now finally decided to do something about.

One of these things is a magazine style website (a wordpress site) which I’ve thought of for quite some time. I believe God opened doors for me in preparation and now I have started the site called

You’re very welcome to pop over and say hi 🙂

Its underlying philosophy is Christian, independent Christian, with little allegiance to any particular denomination. Its aim is to produce magazine style articles, reviews, musings etc on various topics in the world, both Christian and non Christian. Some articles will have Christian content and some will be general with no mention of religion at all. I have founded it partly in memory of my Grandpa, who died many years ago now. You can read a little about him in the ‘About’ section at Through Another Lens.

TAL (as I call it when I’m too lazy to type the whole thing…) is in its very early days and will likely evolve so be patient please 🙂

That’s all I wanted to say.

I may well return to post the odd update here at Somewhere Amazing but for now I will be over at TAL.

Thanks for reading.