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Snow, the wee dug & freedom.

Snow, the dug and freedom.

I love this photo because I love snow, I love my families wee dug (Scottish for dog…) and always get a sense of freedom when I see this photo. It is outdoors, the dog is happy and contented and the snow has changed the landscape.

It is very definitely somewhere amazing for me!


3 thoughts on “Snow, the wee dug & freedom.

  1. This is such a beautiful photograph! Did you take it? You have a real eye for this!

    • Thanks! Yes I took the photo although I have little or no photography skills whatsoever. It was very much a spur of the moment photo. I love the snow and how it changes a landscape (although I have to wear several layers of gloves…).

      The dog doesn’t mind so much but then he has his built in coat 🙂

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