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“I appreciate that…no, I really do, I appreciate that, I really appreciate that.”


“I appreciate that, uhuh uhuh…yep, I get that, I really appreciate that, all of it.”


“Wow! I really really do appreciate that!”

End conversation.


…this is a conversation I overheard in a coffee shop. A woman at the next table on her phone. Obviously I only heard one side of it, her words. When she paused she was listen to the anonymous other voice. The only way of discerning what that voice said was by listening to the woman’s reply, “I appreciate that…” 

In other words I was left clueless but fascinated.

I braver soul than me might have asked (obviously having waited for the conversation to finish, wouldn’t want to be rude about it…) what the woman appreciated so much. But I am not a braver soul than me, I am the less brave soul that is me. Although depending on the nature of the conversation, any brave query may have resulted in me having a nice freshly thrown coffee stain on my shirt. Perhaps my less brave silence was the best strategy after all. 

I still find myself curious as to what was being appreciated.

I’ll never know.

All I’ll ever know is that there was some kind of mysterious appreciation going on. 


Thanks for reading (appreciated).

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