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On not being in the kitchen at parties.

Not in the kitchen at parties…

…in fact you won’t just not find me in the kitchen at parties, it is unlikely you will find me at the party at all, not in the kitchen and not anywhere else at said party.

Am I anti-social? Some would probably define me like that, but I don’t mind that definition because I don’t see it as entirely negative.

Not being at the party, whether in the kitchen or not, means I am somewhere other than at the party, but that doesn’t mean I’m not having fun.

Its a bit like not going to the pub, or not going for a drink. You say you don’t drink (and actually I am tee-total), you say you aren’t into pubs, and you get a look like you’re from Mars. How can you enjoy yourself, have fun, without going to the pub, without having a drink? To me, that’s a bit like saying you can’t actually exist in any meaningful way without drinking to going to the pub and, by definition, having fun and enjoying yourself requires the necessary prerequisite of going to the pub or at least having a drink if you’re anywhere else.

I remember having this conversation with a girl I once worked with. I asked why it was that, on a Friday to Saturday night, you had to go to the pub and drink, and if you didn’t, how could you possibly be having a good time? Its like a cultural thing, hard wired into the brain over generations, its Friday, its the weekend, its like a computer programming language…Friday=weekend=pub=drink=fun. Its a set program, an absolute and any variation from that is simply not only unthinkable but incomprehensible. It simply makes no sense.

Personally, O feel its a good idea if we can get this hard wired out of the brain, reprogram the computer. I’m not anti pubs and I’m not anti alcohol but I am anti the view that pub=drink=fun. Its a false equation.

If I am not in the kitchen at parties, where else could I be? What else could I be doing?

Just possibly…

…I could be…

…somewhere amazing!

To be continued…

Thanks for reading.

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